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There are separate programming firms, design firms, marketing firms and consulting firms. Then, there is Trignos.

The 21st century web isn't a neatly divided place filled with unrelated skills. Every aspect, from development to launch to marketing, affects the other. That's why Trignoscan deliver where others can't.

With world-class programming skills, creative expertise, on-shore and off-shore development teams, savvy marketing professionals and proven consulting prowess; Trignos is the place to start and finish your next web endeavor.

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At Trignos, we value individual initiative and encourage free thinking and innovation.


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We were embarking on a web initiative that combined a rather unique blend of social networking (web 2.0 features and functionalities with multimedia), sports (baseball talent hunt) and entertainment (reality show) in a new geographical market (India). Needless to say the project demanded technical competence...

Ash Vasudevan

The Million Dollar Arm
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