Professional Services

Creating a successful online footprint, - be it a social widget or a comprehensive e-commerce platform, - requires the right balance of strategy, technology and passion. Straddling the divide between online solutions and bottom-line profitability, our core of international professionals focus most on what matters to you: sustainable results.

Trignos channels its ingrained principles to create innovation in strategy, services and solution.

professional services

At Trignos we take a unique, 3-tiered approach towards its entire portfolio of services and strategies. Unlike a circle, a trigon approach accounts for the differing lengths of each dimension in the project cycle (Marketing Strategy, Visual Design, Technical Architecture), leading towards an end product that facilitates competitive advantage.

We offer a full suite of professional services; architecture, detail design, deployment strategy, visual development, security considerations, performance optimizations and marketing assessments. As the ever-changing nature of the online industry continues to evolve, our team is continuously analyzing business and technology trends, ensuring your products leverage cutting-edge, emergent technologies in the right way and satisfy user demand.

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Enterprise Development


In today's IT environment, existing system management and successful project delivery are often a challenge. Business conditions may require more aggressive designs and tighter implementation schedules than your staff can handle. At other times, you might need assistance with new technologies, quality assurance or continuous enhancements. That's where we can make a real impact in your success.

enterprise development

With Trignos Staff Augmentation Services for Enterprise clients, you can draw from our staff to get expert assistance on project management, requirements analysis, development, quality assurance and system administration. Staff augmentation services are available in on-shore and off-shore models.

When it comes to enterprise-scale projects, experience and proven performance are key. Trignos has developed strategic properties for Sabre, Real Time Matrix, Bling Software and other clients. To read more about our enterprise projects - their scope, technologies and results - take a look at our Client Stories.

Pre-Enterprise Development


The advanced technologies and cost-efficiency of today allows Small and Medium Business (SMB) to take advantage of tools that used to be reserved for major players only. Representing 8 million traditional businesses and 32.5 million home-based businesses, Fortune 1000 has recognized SMB as a segment with undeniable room for growth.

pre-enterprise development

Keying in on this, Trignos has focused on specific vertical markets in order to supply enterprise-quality services to pre-enterprise businesses of all sizes. An intelligently executed product roadmap (whether it's a website, content management system or widget) can mean the difference between languishing in the online sandbox and generating significant revenue.

Trignos works closely with business owners to create quality products while keeping a budget in mind. We focus on e-commerce, site re-engineering, consulting and optimization. Skyscrapers aren't built on shaky foundations; can you risk hitting a level of corporate growth just to realize your systems can't handle the load? Didn't think so.

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Social Media Development and Marketing


Did you know that the 10 major social networking sites are fast approaching internet portals in unique monthly visitors, and easily surpassing them in month-to-month growth? What does this mean? Simple. Social networking is ascending towards the relevance of social media development marketing established players like Google and Yahoo!. It's time to take advantage of this cultural shift for the benefit of your company.

Creating a synergy between branding, application and social uptake is a key ingredient in any successful online venture. Trignos takes the time to analyze and understand its client's business plans and develop a strategy to leverage social media inline with existing marketing channels and brand messages.

Client Stories

Search Engine and Internet Marketing


By now, everyone understands the importance of an easily available online presence. Trignos has been involved in SEO/SEM practices, valid coding techniques and optimized landing page design since 2006. With the emergence of Google (and its business of making the search engine opetimization - seo web open to all via simple keyword queries) the world has come to realize the importance of visitor accessibility.

You'll find no flash in the pan, pop-up marketing approaches here. Only tried and true practices that consistently produce a high Page Rank, improved crawler accessibility, and most importantly, increased target audience visibility.

Trignos offers the full spectrum of Internet Marketing services. We have extensive experience integrating affiliate programs such as Hydra, Commission Junction and Clickbooth. Additionally, in-house keyword research tools, keyword list management tools and years of Adsense campaign management gives us the skills necessary to make search engines work for you.

Remember, no matter how impressive your product or service, if people can't find it, they can't use it.

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