At Trignos, we like to stay sharp. That means creating in-house products that utilize the latest technology and coding practices, intelligent architecture and magnetic design. Currently, we are focusing on Social Networking Widgets and infrastructure API's.

In the coming months, we will release more details on these products and their operation.

Spacelet Engine

Each application, in some form or the other, requires persistence layer handling, access to data storage, interface between systems, and infrastructure for scalability and performance. If you are looking for, model abstraction, messaging or performance improvement, Spacelet Engine implementation helps in writing less code and get better results.

Social Networking Widgets

The September-2007 issue of Business 2.0 magazine has an article on the transformation happening at Facebook (the No. 2 social network with 32 million users), since it opened its platform to hundreds of developers a few months ago, providing access to the site's audience and the programming tools needed to build widgets. Even if you are not on Facebook, you can quickly add social networking features to your web site using widgets.

Shopping Cart Widget

It's a quick and easy way to add without any programming knowledge. Categories and Brand navigation can be easily integrated to the Ajax style experience of shopping with this widget.


Pragmatiks is built on top of the Spacelet™ Engine that allows new data models and services to be integrated fairly quickly to support new business domains. Services communicate with each other using a Data Bus and a common data exchange format. A user uses the Spacelet™ Builder to "drag and drop" different modules and create a custom web application. Finally the user can compile the web application into a "Flash" or "DHtml" format and publish it. The Flash version of the generated apps seem to provide a much better user experience compared to the DHtml versions.