A complex and sometimes daunting task, system architecture is absolutely integral to any web-based endeavor. Both in its initial stages and in the potential future stages of rapid adoption or sustained growth.

Trignos has experience dealing with all aspects of the architecture spectrum. Whether it's setting up a server cluster with multiple load balancers, building a SAN (Storage Area Network), or providing on-the-fly data encryption; our commitment to original thinking and quality development ensures a complete product.

System architecting has existed since the days of the Egyptian Empire. Just take a look at the pyramids and imagine the problems engineers were faced with; design, size, structure and lack of tools. Done right, they built objects that have withstood the tests of time and lasted for centuries. The consequences of not taking architecture design seriously, however, could be catastrophic.

For any company dedicated to providing top-notch service, inquire into Trignos' system evaluation and consultation services.

Application Development


Trignos' programming division is the definition of a one-stop shop. We offer full-scale web & mobile application development from initial planning and development, all the way through product launch and follow-up support.

application development

We have experts in all fields of application development. This includes all current front-end languages such as XHTML, CSS, PHP, jsp, asp.dotnet and more. Our high-level database programmers have experience working with all types of SQL solutions as well as dealing with scalability and performance. Trignos' is a proven expert on RSS solutions, having been involved with enterprise-level integration for web portals, aggregation and user-based delivery. We also have plenty of experience working with XML/JSON (for lightweight data storageclient client side load distribution), the Google Maps API and other new APIs of interest.

The technologies that go into a project are not the end-all and be-all of its quality. Our visual designers create properties that are attractive, branded, intuitive and easy-to-use. We take the latest information on user interaction techniques and apply them to create a truly elegant experience for all of your customers.

To put it simply, if you have an idea then we can build it.

Resourcing and Placement


resourcing placement

Nothing beats having a skilled employee in the office, ready to work with other team members and always willing to share their expertise. Trignos understands this and has developed a Staff Augmentation program to place the best possible candidates in the best situations.

We can place trained experts with a wide variety of skills into any setting, be it corporate or start-up, on either a contract or finder's fee basis.



Off-Shore Outsourcing


Having the ability to provide both on-shore and off-shore business solutions gives Trignos the flexibility to offer services that other companies simply fail to compete with.

offshore outsourcing

Our off-shore units provide cost-efficient graphic design, flash design and dynamic flash development services. On top of our programming staff, our off-shore project management team is the key to communication and successful application development. They focus solely on you, the client, to create an atmosphere of transparency and frequent status updates.

Utilizing our off-shore resources, Trignos can deliver stable, efficient and flexible solutions in less time and for less money than you would ever expect. From Quality Assurance testing all the way through business analysis and application solutions, our goal is to provide everything you need via a single, central hub.

Support - Maintenance


Wouldn't it be fantastic if everything that went public worked perfectly with absolutely zero hiccups or issues? With as much experience as Trignos has developing and launching applications, we understand the absolute critical nature of quality support and maintenance. We consider this step vital to success and thus, it is our job to offer the best support in the business.

support maintenance

Our team of professionals can monitor and analyze your application's performance, identifying potential problems before they become major crises. This is a period that also allows for evaluation, performance tweaks and other adjustments that bring out the best in a finished product.

Should this not be the ideal solution for you, Trignos even offers tailor-made maintenance services that allow your in-house personnel to quickly and effectively "clean house."


Marketing /Advertising


One of the major aspects that sets Trignos apart from all competitors is our marketing branch. Whether in-house or through our strategic partners, we offer both traditional and new media marketing solutions.

marketing advertising

Statistics show that significant portions of today's marketing budgets are moving online, but a large importance still remains in the traditional arena. Our trained graphic professionals can create corporate branding solutions of all sizes, as well as magazine placements, mailer design and even full-scale marketing plans.

Our experience in new media is second-to-none. Trignos has working relationships with major affiliate networks such as Hydra, CommisionJunction, Clickbooth and others. We can craft a campaign from start to finish; landing page design and implementation with proven SEO and conversion techniques, full web-banner sets, pricing and set-up within partner networks and aggregation of any data collected during the process. Additionally, we can create branding solutions for products, logo design, and total web marketing plans. Not to mention Trignos is an expert in the social arena, utilizing viral networking and uniquely designed properties to create a message the resonates with customers.



Navigating the complex maze of hosting solutions can be tricky. At Trignos we understand this, and wanted to create a solution.


Having worked with a signification portion of the major players in the hosting industry, we can take your storage & bandwidth requirements and compare them to all different hosting providers' solutions. Along the way, we will analyze uptime statistics, cost-efficiency and the potential room for growth.

Need a dedicated solution? We can create multiple server profiles that involve hardware solutions, purchase points and storage/bandwidth caps.

Whichever route you decide, Trignos can help cut costs and deliver a better product to your users.